Sunday, September 14, 2008

Relay services for the deaf....

There are several types of Telecommunication relay Services (TRS) that consumers can use depending on the nature of the disability and whether they have some hearing and can speak. TRS types include traditional TRS, which uses a text telephone or TTY device and a telephone line, Speech-to-Speech (STS), as well as forms of TRS that use the Internet, specifically Internet Protocol (IP) Relay, and Video Relay Service (VRS).

Now Deaf and hard of hearing people are enjoying access to the telephone network via Telecommunications Relay Services utilizing text telephones and then, more recently, via Internet-based TRS and also via Video Relay Services. These enhancements have served to empower a large percentage of the deaf and hard of hearing community–except those who are deaf and blind.

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IP relay is a free service. All you need is a computer or other Web-capable device and an Internet connection. All IP Relay service providers' costs are recoverable from the interstate TRS Fund.